Mindfulness and Movement Kids Practice

20160712_112319.jpgSchool is almost out and kids are getting ready to run with summertime fun like never before.  This summer is a great time to try something new and give your child a gift that will last a lifetime.  The gift I am speaking about is a Kids Practice series involving Mindfulness and Movement. 

Starting on Wednesday, June 14th through July 5th I will be inviting children in 4th grade and up to participate in a Mindfulness and Movement Kids Practice from 10:30am to 12pm.  I will be sharing a movement practice with the students first and then welcoming them into a Mindfulness Reflection based project for the 2nd half of practice time.  The syllabi of my work is based on Movement for You kids practice that I have developed and documented in 2011.  My work with Movement for You kids practice has been shared in recreational programs across the country, in inner city schools both in Philadelphia, New York City, Arizona, and throughout the Lehigh Valley area.  This past year I have been sharing quite a bit of my work at Lehigh Valley Academy with a Yoga Club for the students and also in the classrooms with my Mindfulness Techniques Workshops. My private practice work at my home studio has been growing by the day and serving the Lehigh Valley with much care and grace to build stronger families and stronger communities.  



20170523_180309.jpgThrough the flow based movement practice students will learn how to hit the mat and physically practice with aspects that are similar to yoga, pilates, and dance conditioning.  In the Mindfulness Reflection based project we will focus on the following components such as-

What does Mindfulness mean to You?  Together lets break it down and explore the ABC fundamental basics of being Mindful together. I will share the importance of Breath, focus and dedication towards something, love for self leads us to respect and love others, respect with a capital R, hard work even when our emotions come knocking on our door, collaboration with a capital C, taking care of our body and mind, and most important of all having compassion for ourselves and for others. 


The student’s responsibilities in class will be to come with an open mind to learn and work together.  I always say show up, be open, and endless possibilities of adventure and growth will come before you.  I look forward to seeing you in the studio.  Please touch base via email lindsayschaefer@movementforyou.com if you are interested in giving your child a gift of Mindfulness and Movement this summer.  The class series is $90 for the 4 week session and due before the class start date. 

This blog is written by Lindsay Schaefer creator and founder of Movement for You practice www.movementforyou.com and Artistic Director of Artists in Unity www.artistsinunity.com

You can also see more of Lindsay’s work through her book The Process, The Practice, The Artist available on Amazon.  https://www.amazon.com/Process-Practice-Artist-Lindsay-Schaefer/dp/1503352935/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1496339980&sr=8-1&keywords=Lindsay+Schaefer+The+Process%2C+The+Practice%2C+The+Artist



The Simplicity of 5 to Meditate


 Walking-Sitting-Being Still-Sacred Place- Nature- Symbol- Statue- Mantra- Reading-Repetition-Candle-Music-Beads…….

I can breathe

I am love

I am grateful

I am me

Every mind refers to meditation and a meditative state in a different way.

We cannot judge meditation or the way that we obtain that reflective state of being.  Making and creating space to meditate and reconnect to who you are is key to a healthy and productive lifestyle.  Here are five Movement for You meditation exercises that revolve around simplicity.  I hope they help you in your discovery of meditation and keeping it alive in your daily practice work.   

  1. Repetition of your favorite mantra or one that you have created.
  2. Walking in a square or circle either outside in nature, in your neighborhood, or even inside your home or backyard.
  3. Sky watching.
  4. Lay in Bed with Open Eyes.
  5. A cup of tea, hot water, and a journal

20170402_113249These five simple Movement for You meditation exercises will help to lead you to the best you.  Our daily homework on the mat and off are crucial in understanding the true practice of Movement.  Physical and Mental practice need to be a complete union and threaded together with heart felt energy, breath, and constant awareness of always wanting to shoot higher and deeper than the day before. Be amazing today and for every continued day in front of you by taking a moment to experience the five simple Movement for You meditation exercises mentioned above. 

This blog is written by Lindsay Schaefer creator and founder of  Movement for You practice www.movementforyou.com and artistic director of Artists in Unity www.artistsinunity.com

20170524_165004(0)You can view more of Lindsay’s work via her book The Process, The Practice, The Artist available on Amazon.  https://www.amazon.com/Process-Practice-Artist-Lindsay-Schaefer/dp/1503352935/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1496245788&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=lindsayschaefer+the+process+the+practice+the+artist


Building a Personal Practice for YOU

Every day our body and mind are different from the day before.   Situations, stress, amount of sleep, conversations, daily responsibilities, and outside society can trigger red flags within our emotions and within our physical body.  I always say in my teaching of Movement for You practice that you should learn something new about your way of thinking and your physical body in every practice session.  If every day was the same then practice would become to repetitive and we would start to question the practice for what it is.  But, if we open every practice with the thought of I shall move to free my body and mind from unnecessary layers then our mats become a blank canvas for us to explore in. 

Through my one on one sessions with clients I often receive the question of “How do I start to build my own personal practice?”  I love receiving and answering this question because then I find the studying student is ready to do further homework and discover a deeper sense of who they are.  I remember when I was studying in NYC and every Tuesday and Wednesday at 4pm I would hit my Ashtanga yoga practice and when we entered practice my guru would say “Practice is the key to your inner life.” Inner life was another word for internal self and daily self-check in as I like to call it.  If our inner life is not in check then our outside life and what we do on a daily basis will have no deep heart felt connection.  I started practice every time I visited with that special mantra “Practice is the key to your inner life.”  That mantra has stayed with me for years and I continue to practice daily because of it so that I can be full and connected and so I can give my deepest gifts and passions to all of you in the studio and out. 

I will share with you today a Movement for You practice sequence that can help to build your own personal practice at home and enhance your work in the studio with me or fellow other gurus.  Try to dedicate a 10 to 15 minute time frame for practice when you start out on your own personal practice session.  Do not judge yourself with what comes next.  If you find you need to pull this blog up and follow the postures step by step then do so. With a couple weeks of practice I am sure that these postures will become easier and free flowing.  Your body and mind will actually start to ask for them on a daily basis. 

Half Lotus with breathing- 3 minutes of stillness with your breath.  This is your time to connect to your inner heart, the mat, and your daily intention towards yourself and others. 



20170524_165004(0)Childs pose to Upward Dog- move from childs pose to upward dog for a sequence of 6 to 8 times.  Keep remembering to breathe as if you are listening to a waltz 1,2,3 inhale and 1,2,3 exhale as you move forward and back.



20170524_165930Downward Dog in Stillness- hold downward dog for a 1 to 2 minute period of time.  Inhale through the nose and exhale out through the nose.  Try to distribute your weight evenly through the hands and feet. 

20170524_170037Pigeon pose- perform pigeon pose on the right and left side and hold for 8 to 12 breathes on each side. 


20170524_170109Modified Camel- perform modified camel for 8 to 12 breathes. 


20170524_170447Forward Fold sitting and Forward Fold standing- each of these postures can be performed back to back and held for 8 to 12 breathes in each posture. 






20170524_170814Chair- perform chair in stillness for up to 1 to 2 minutes.  As in the downward dog stillness hold posture you want to focus on distributing your weight evenly through your feet and pulling the weight through your abdominal core and extremities up through space.  Do not sit in your hips and bottom.  Keep lifting the body up as you relax into the Chair stillness hold posture. 20170524_170846

20170524_170838Goddess Hold in 2nd– perform goddess hold in second for up to a 1 minute time frame.  You want to focus on your inhale and exhale breathing as if you are listening to a waltz 1,2,3 inhale and 1,2,3 exhale.  Placement of the knees directly over the middle portion of your toes is key.  Keep lifting the body up through space as you are holding in the goddess hold in 2nd20170524_171212


Happy personal practice building to all of my followers.  Please be sure to check out Movement for You website and follow my business page on Facebook for more short video clips to add to your personal practice sessions at home.  I look forward to seeing you in the studio! Connect today if you are interested in private, corporate, or personal group sessions with me as your coach in movement or life counsel.  My passion in life is to guide others to true happiness and all the endless possibilities that are inside of them.  Move every day for the most complete life~ www.movementforyou.com

This blog was written by creator and founder of Movement for You practice Lindsay Schaefer www.movementforyou.com and she is also the Artistic Director of Artists in Unity www.artistsinunity.com

You can view more of Lindsay’s work in her book The Process, The Practice, The Artist available on Amazon.  https://www.amazon.com/Process-Practice-Artist-Lindsay-Schaefer/dp/1503352935/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1495647868&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=lindsayschaefer+the+process+the+practice+the+artist



A Journal is a Gift


I remember back to when I was 19 years old and I was going through a very traumatic time in my life I was gifted a journal.  As I sat in front of my dear counselor she handed to me a journal and said this will be one of the best gifts you ever receive.  That gift seemed to carry me through the trauma that I was experiencing at that time, reintroduced me to my love for writing, raised my voice higher so I could hear the paths to take, and most importantly it tuned me into my own personal self-check in time. 

For my friends that visit me for life counsel sessions with Movement for You the journal breakdown you have heard before.  But, now dear following friends that can’t visit me in the studio on a weekly basis I share with you the breakdown to welcoming a journal into your life and to discovering as I learned years back what a gift it truly is to ourselves and to living the most complete life. 

My friends that visit me for life counsel sessions show up on their first session with a journal in hand.  I walk them through sectioning off the journal into three different areas-

  1. a) Self-Check In
  2. b) Goal Orientation
  3. c) Who Am I?

20170523_150327_001The first section of your journal will be for Self-Check In.  Place 3 to 5 minutes aside at a sacred point of your day whether it be morning or at night.  I advise that in those 3 to 5 minutes with journal writing you only focus on yourself.  You can start your morning off with your journal by your bedside and begin to write down any thoughts that come to mind.  If you are deciding your sacred time is before bed you can do a quick inventory over your day and write down thoughts that seem to be popping up before rest.  I always say a great way to start this self-check in process with journaling in the 3 to 5 minute zone is to reflect on the positive.  The best way even during a traumatic situation to pull on the positive is to give grace towards simplicity.  Let me explain, it’s as simple as this-

 “I am grateful for waking today”

“I am grateful for the hugs I received from my kids today”

“I am grateful for the path I am being led on with work, family, or community.”

“I am grateful for each breath I am taking and for each breath I can pass onto others.”

The greatest gift we have as individuals is our breath.  If we tune into our breathing it will guide us to the simplicities of gratefulness.  The breath will guide you through your personal self-check in time and also on this discovery of journal writing.  The breath is our first communication with ourselves and our breath is our first communication with others. 

20170523_150415The second section of your journal can be listed as Goal Orientation.  I simply have friends in our counsel sessions list where they are at right now.  A regular day in their lives written down on paper for them to see all they do and accomplish.  This is yes, back to ABC basic learning and viewing of our daily responsibilities in work, at home, and in our personal time and it leads individuals to understanding the place they have in this world and how much they matter.  Even individuals suffering from the deepest and darkest depression and anxiety can be guided to make their list.   With listing reality we can then take inventory and discover the goals to place ahead of ourselves whether it needs to be a daily goal, a weekly goal, monthly or yearly.  What I find through counsel sessions with Goal Orientation is that many friends are doing so much throughout their days they forget to block stillness time to reflect, meditate, and to take inventory with personal self-check in.  The busy, busy in our lives leads us to a very overactive mind and underperformance.  When we start to list everything we do in a day it allows us to see if we are overworking, over giving, over thinking, and as I say over focusing on an end goal verses being present in the moment that is right in front of us. 

The most beautiful awareness moments I get to see in life counsel sessions happen with Goal Orientation.  Friends will say to me-

“I am exhausted and now I see why”

“Tomorrow is another day I think I will reevaluate how I can do all my responsibilities over two days verses one.”

All individuals need to understand and see their own limitations.  Limitations is not a negative word in this respect when we are setting up boundaries on what we can handle on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.  In fact, this is the best way to live a healthy, productive, and non-stress filled life.  You would not ask a baby to walk by three months so don’t ask yourself to react quickly in any situation especially traumatic situation and life changing situation that comes before you.  Hit your journal, do your self-check in, and lead right into goal orientation to see the reality and all the endless possibilities that are in front of us with time. 

20170523_150118_001Third section of your journal I advise friends to set up as Who Am I?  In even our most lost moments in life there is always a way to remember the little girl or the little boy that we used to be.  Yes, friends my favorite exercise to share in the Who Am I section for your journal is to take a couple of moments of reflection to think about something from your childhood.  This does not need to be a big event.  It can be as simple as remembering your favorite color, stuffed animal, school days, a dear friend, a smile from your mom or dad or caregiver.  We want to pull on something that sparks your thought process to look back.  For instance, my favorite memory was always riding my little girl bike with the basket and bell on it.  I would place stuffed animals in the front and take them for rides and care for them.  See even at that young age I was known for thinking and caring for others.  This is the reason why I love the Who Am I section.  It will take you back to your beginning days of simplicity as a human being.  It will allow you to see what you loved to do before roles and accomplishments and honors were handed out to you.  It clears your canvas from today so you can look back to your true path and what you are meant to do in your life and how you can keep happiness present for all your days to come. 

20170523_150511I have a working journal by my side every day for family, for work, and for me.  I hope this breakdown to journal writing guides my followers to many discoveries, dreams, love, and everyday happiness.  Every human being is amazing and sometimes our daily journal writing with self-check in, goal orientation, and who am I will remind us of that.  And on those days when you may feel a little lost or blue the journal that is truly a gift that will not be forgotten will remind you of how amazing you are and to get kicking once again because you all have a path and incredible purpose to pull off in this life that has been given to us. 

This blog was written by Lindsay Schaefer creator and founder of Movement for You practice www.movementforyou.com and the artistic director of Artists in Unity www.artistsinunity.com

You can also visit more of Lindsay’s writings in her book The Process, The Practice, The Artist available on Amazon.  https://www.amazon.com/Process-Practice-Artist-Lindsay-Schaefer/dp/1503352935/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1495565580&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=lindsayschaefer+the+process+the+practice+the+artist



Build a Relationship with Yourself

20160526_183812A relationship with yourself is the first key to happiness and the ability to spread your love to others.  If we do not love ourselves and give ourselves the honor of self-respect we can’t pass unconditional love to another individual.  I have this model I share within all my Movement for You practice workshops on the mat and off-

Self- Check In = Self Awareness= Self- Love= A Stronger Community

When we do our daily self-check in with our journal writing we communicate on the pages our emotions that we are feeling throughout every activity of our day.  The time we take to sit and write down our emotions whether they are up or down allows us to become more aware of how we are speaking to ourselves and to others.  Self-Awareness of Emotions and Self-Check In equals more self-love and in return guides every human being to a stronger community due to our personal self- check in time. 

So how do we begin to navigate our own personal self-check in time?

  1. Daily Journal Writing: Separate your journal into three sections a) Self-Check In b) Goal Orientation c) Who am I? Be sure to check back in with my weekly blogs for more guidance on how to set up your personal journal. 20160527_112327
  2. Personal Practice time on your Mat: Select three to five postures from your yoga practice that you enjoy to perform whether in class or in your own personal practice at home. You want to have a deep connection to these postures and not a love/hate relationship with them.  As I always say “Balancing postures are sometimes like our veggies.”  If you find it is a struggle to do a certain posture do not place that posture in this series of three to five selected postures.  Pick only your favorites and ones you have mastered.  Then focus on inhale and exhale breathing for 5 to 10 breath sequences.  Inhale 1, 2, 3 and exhale out 1,2,3 as you perform each posture that you selected.  Be sure to watch Movement for You video clips on my business Facebook page Movement for You and Artists in Unity for personal practice ideas. 20160416_112952
  3. Sitting or Walking Meditation: The steps we take move us forward in action.  Each step leads us to a happier self.  The steps we take to sit in silence on our mat or the steps we take out in nature or around our home are the beginning steps to self-discovery.  Three to five minutes a day placed aside for sitting meditation or walking meditation will connect you to your breathing and the rhythm of your heartbeat.  These two connections will help to clear the mind and ease the body into a more mindful state.  Over the next couple of weeks I will be guiding my followers through Mindfulness Techniques that will help guide individuals into sitting or walking meditation.

20160527_111451Friends remember building a relationship with yourself is the key to building a life filled with happiness and love.  Keep my Movement for You practice model with you as you jump into journal writing and a deeper self-discovery of You!

Self- Check In = Self Awareness= Self- Love= A Stronger Community


20160605_113027 Lindsay Schaefer is the creator and founder of Movement for You practice www.movementforyou.com and the Artistic Director of Artists in Unity www.artistsinunity.com





Bring everyone that has loved you with you

This quote and in my eyes poetry was stated by Maya Angelou.  I seem to always fall upon it on my deepest of reflection days and when turning points in my life are going to arise.  As some of you know my friends, closest clients, and family that my Nana passed last year about a month after Mother’s Day.  I actually had my last interaction with her one week after Mother’s Day last year.  I remember as I saw her in her final days her Irish beauty and fire was still all there intact.  To me my Nana will always be remembered as the person who stood by my side through confirmation, the woman who gave her compassion to nursing, a spitfire without even knowing it that raised a family and extended family at times, a person who made mistakes and in ways never recovered from those, and a soul that will continue to look down upon me and find her way in by teaching me something new about myself. 

Even though my Nana passed a year back, family trauma sometimes places a soul to rest even before that.  As I said, we all have our demons and sometimes those demons you go to rest with.  I have learned through this journey over this past year that someone else’s journey and mistakes are not for me to carry.  To appreciate the beauty and the spitfire that was a role model to me in my life and to any role model that comes before me is the learning experience here.  I share my story and reflection with all of you since this past year I have been doing my deepest homework and learning more and more about the process of grieving and true acceptance of life and everything even when ugly that life throws at us we grow from and need to face. 

Bring everyone that has loved you with you

I am in my bathroom with a cup a coffee my husband made for me six months back and I find tears rolling down my face.  Tears that came since when I looked in the mirror I saw a reflection of my Nana and how when I was little she would get ready for work and carry her blackest cup of coffee up to the shower with her after 1pm or so since she was always working that mid-day nursing shift to 11pm at night and sometimes a double.  The reflection I saw brought back memories of her taking care of my Papa before he passed when I was going into 3rd grade and how her favorite Soap opera General  Hospital was always in the background playing as I was dancing around in my pigtails and even on those days as I visited her as a teenager. 

Bring everyone that has loved you with you

Those tears and that reflection time was a deep cleanse and it allowed me to make a major breakthrough.  The breakthrough was this that I didn’t need to carry the things of my Nana with me that didn’t serve me.  Her baggage was her baggage and in ways the baggage was a very real, honest, and yes very ugly lesson to teach me what is right, how I should move forward in life with my work, my family, and especially how I should raise my kids.  I saw through her how being the head of a family is very hard at times and when you place your morals aside at times how individuals can walk all over that.  I saw how children in her life were lost due to unforsaken circumstances and how other relationships were not worked through due to fear and in that same respect were lost. 

Bring everyone that has loved you with you

Yes, I have come to terms with letting go and experiencing the true grieving process along the way of individuals we love.  The letting go can’t happen by others telling you to do this.  The letting go and coming to grips with past and acceptance of how you can’t make others see right from wrong.  The letting go happens with time, a lot of deep homework with reflection and writing, and saying out loud that yes, I do love this person and will bring her with me since she has loved me.  But, her past mistakes and baggage I can learn to leave behind. 

Bring everyone that has loved you with you

That beautiful Irish spirit and fire at times runs through me and is a direct link to my Nana.  When I asked her years back to be my sponsor for confirmation and as I took the name of Little Flower St. Theresa everyone asked me “Why Nana?” I said, because I love how she always keeps moving, going, and thriving even when she doesn’t think she is.  Our deepest lessons are always right before us in life.  Our best mentors are usually the ones we get to see love us, hug us, and yes even fail in front of us.  But, that vulnerability and ability to pick ourselves back up even after the hardest of times is something that will fight its way through to your heart if you plan on bringing that special soul with you through your life journey. 

Bring everyone that has loved you with you

Nana will be looking down upon me even when I don’t want her to come in she will find a way.  She has led my teaching this year in a great way.  I was able to develop quite a community tribe with my work in movement similar to her compassionate tribes in nursing.  Her voice even at times would be there when I didn’t think my work was making a difference in people’s lives in my role as a counselor and guider.  Somehow she made her way in to this very reflective mind of mine.  I feel in ways that every time her spirit shows up it is just one way to remind me she is always here carrying through life through my adventures.  In ways I feel her show up time is a time where she is saying she is sorry too for letting me down where she didn’t lay her demons to rest and she is truly proud of me that I have learned to let go where I can and to grow from her lessons of her spirit knocking of my door.  I still hear her voice saying I love you Lindsay.  Now, get out there and shine. 

On this Mother’s Day bring everyone that has loved you with you for there is a lesson to be learned that you will all grow from. 

This blog was written by Lindsay Schaefer creator and founder of Movement for You practice and artistic director of Artists in Unity www.movementforyou.com www.artistsinunity.com

You can check out more of Lindsay Schaefer’s work via her Facebook and Instagram sites via her websites and her first book is available on Amazon The Process, The Practice, The Artist https://www.amazon.com/Process-Practice-Artist-Lindsay-Schaefer/dp/1503352935/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1494435335&sr=8-1&keywords=lindsay+schaefer+The+process+the+practice+the+artist



Life and the Adventure of Finding Balance

20160610_164329As a mama, wife, business owner of two companies one in the arts and one in fitness, life and all the adventures of finding balance surround me on a daily basis.   My key to living is always to place happiness and mindfulness first.  Live life to the fullest so everyone around you pulls energy from your energy to do the same.  Live and manage your life with simplicity but organization. And finally priorities first, meaning the ones you love are always placed before all situations and things every waking minute of your day.

How do I pull off some of these life mantras and carry these mantras out in life, in the studio, and through life? 

*I place intention every day to do better than the day before. 


*I surround my life with only positive energy, clients, work collaborators, and family who place respect at the top of their game. 


*I do not compromise the simple life that makes me so very happy reading on a daily basis, 15 minutes of quiet time even when kids are around, disconnect from work to rethink and redirect, and reaching out always to say I love you to that special soul in your life that supports you 100% in all you do.   


Mindfulness brings us happiness and overall peace and in the end it allows us to experience life to the fullest and all the adventures that come our way.  Mindfulness and check in and finding and defining your own voice, your own mantras are key to finding the simplicity which in turn leads you to balance.  Some key points that will help you in discovering your own balance, your own mindfulness on a daily basis and not being afraid of keeping it simple, and finally with seeing every minute in your day as a beautiful adventure are the following~

*Get yourself a journal and write all the random thoughts that come your way.  From your inner most desires, to your wants, to your needs, to your envy, to your feelings that may need to be revealed to make you the best you.  When we write our thoughts out our minds become clear, focused, and mindful behaviors and awareness can move in to create balance. 

*Place intention time aside even when you are watching your kids, with your husband or the love of your life, even during your work time, or walking through daily activities.  Placing intention can be as simple as when you set out to do cleaning or a chore you say this- I am grateful to have this home before me to clean.  I am grateful I can help with responsibilities.  I am grateful to place my energy right here in this moment.  Yes, I broke it down to basics for you.  But, here is the key to this mindful approach and doing.  Not everyone around us may have the opportunity to have a home, take care of things, or see why it is important to take care of things and the people around you.  If we can redirect our minds to understanding the importance of giving grace during simple activities such as chores or necessity responsibility doing.  Well, then the magic happens to understanding your role and carrying through life, through your relationships, through your everyday taking care of your children, family, and yes others.  We also start to see this mindful approach become more present in our work spaces and outside relationships.  We learn to see our value and the importance of what makes us happy and present. Simplicity is the key in balance.  In order to have a simplistic life style you need to be able to work hard and not dive from your own responsibilities.  This is extremely crucial in all relationships especially in love with our spouses and partners and set the base for our kids to follow.  And also you need to place intention and minutes aside even during your own busy life and carrying out of responsibilities to always hear your own voice ticking in the back of your mind.  Your own voice will always carry you through when intention and time is set aside.  So place devices down and start journaling more and taking those 15 minutes of intention today. 

*Hit your sacred place to practice on your mat.  Through my Movement for You practice work I have found my voice for life.  I have found my voice as a mama, wife, artist, performer, teacher, director, producer, writer, choreographer, and as a good hearted and caring person.  I have found my loves in life because of this practice I dedicate too and the time I set aside for writing, intention making, and mat work.  I have found my revealing that has to happen in order to be more.  I have found my darkest deepest fears and fears I wish I could have run from but cant.  I have found gracefully how to overcome every obstacle that comes my way.  And the most important MFY component that has come into my living with this practice I hold dear to my heart is this-

To always love myself, respect my body and the words I choose towards this temple I have been given.  And to share that love, respect, caring, and compassion with the world and everyone that comes before me in the studio and off the mat in life.

20160527_112327 I wish everyone out there a full and adventurous life filled with love, compassion, and reflection.  Make sure to do your check- ins with yourself so you can give more to others and live to the fullest everyday of your lives. 

You can visit more of Lindsay Schaefer’s work via the following sites-







Finding the Love for You Makes Practice that Much Better…….

With Movement for You Practice I have seen many different clients come to me from athletes, to professional dancers and actors, to individuals suffering and in pain from addiction and recovery, to everyday friends and family that are going through everyday changes with raising a family, being successful in their work, to trying to find time for fun.  All the clients that come before me teach me to surrender more so with my own life with teaching, performing, and giving back my gifts to all of you.  I surrender completely because I want the other person to understand that surrendering leads you to more.  Surrendering leads you to truly loving yourself and all accepts of yourself from your body, to your mind and thoughts, to everything that surrounds you on a daily basis in life.   And when we truly surrender to the friends that may be in front of us that need our guidance and help and to all of life’s challenges, obstacles, and roller coaster rides that are thrown our way we learn to love ourselves more and also we are able to give more of ourselves to others in a respectful way that doesn’t weigh our heart or mind down. 

Summertime is always a change of direction for my work with Movement for You.  Some dear clients take a break to enjoy summer vacations or some may need to travel more due to their work environments.  The studio with everyday teaching for MFY goes from a five day a week schedule to usually a two to three day a week schedule so I can spend more time with my kids that are growing so very quickly before my eyes and embrace the summertime that is in front of us.  Years back and especially before my kids I was that crazy professional dancer hitting every class possible to train and picking up every artistic gig so I could keep myself in the industry at the most elite level.  Then years passed and my body realized that life always places changes and new paths in front of you for a reason. It truly is good to slow down at times and be still. 

This brings me to my main point for this month’s writing for Movement for You.  When we stop, listen, and on days that we have free time be still our mind and body will start to see and hear the new paths that maybe in front of us.  New paths are always right before our eyes and once we can learn to tune into those signs our body will start to surrender completely to trust when obstacles and life’s challenges are thrown our way.   

I look back to 11 years ago before I had my little ones and I can say I never really surrendered fully.  I would be in auditions at times and directors would constantly say “stop that director mind of yours from working and just dance.”  The dancing was never enough for me and the majority of the time I was doing more work then I needed to in the audition because my mind would be working not only for myself but for every other dancer that was there along with the director calling the shots.  I was lucky though as a dancer that many of the directors fell in love with me and my spitfire personality along the way.  And from watching some of those awesome directors in action is what made me who I am today and why I am capable of running two companies with such different needs.  I share this non surrendering situation with you from my early performance days because there were moments that I was questioning what is to come next, should I take this new step, or be safe and stay with what is currently in front of me.  The questioning was a lot to do with the non-surrendering.  Questioning often leads us yes to some great answers but it can also lead us to beating ourselves up if we need to face rejection, not getting that certain gig, or even at times taking the wrong path that we thought was the right path to take.  When there is complete surrender physically on your mat with practice and mentally off of your mat in your journal work, when having your free time to think, or even when in a meditative dream state you will find complete surrender leaves you at peace.  You don’t question the opportunities that you left or what would have happened if you stayed.  Your mind feels clear and present in all the life situations and people that come before you.  You truly start to love thyself in every single way which in return makes practice on and off the mat that much better. 

I share now with you a series of postures that will allow you to open your mind and body to surrender so that you can start loving yourself so deeply and then share it with the world.  It is quite a sweet place to wake up every day and love thyself to the fullest.  It bring happiness to you, to others, and to society.  We are all capable of digging very deeply within to find that surrendering point, to find the love we have been given at birth for ourselves, and to share it with others to the fullest. 








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What Makes You Happy?

Many of my clients always ask me where does your happiness come from?  What Makes You Happy is a common question that comes my way on a weekly basis.  I always share with my dear followers and my regular clients that happiness is inside all of us.  The key to internally always feeling it is up to each and every one of us individually.  Through my Movement for You practice I guide individuals to the best of my ability to find that internal strength within and to their happiness.  But, I always remind my dear friends that visit me in the studio that the practice is not the overall magic “You are!”  


It is important through meditation whether it be moving and active meditation or sitting and still meditation to always find “What you are grateful for?”  This question I place on the top of my intention list and reflection time everyday I wake and everyday before I sleep.  I try to return to that question of gratefulness before each MFY practice and my sacred time in the studio.  This gratefulness truly pulls me into my happiness.  The reason being is because it makes me step outside of myself and give a minute of thought to others, the craft I have been given, and the goals that I may want to obtain.  Feeling the internal deepness of gratefulness will lead every heart and soul to their happy spot.  


Some always ask though “How do you get to that happy spot when you are angry, confused, feeling burnt out, used and abused at times, or overwhelmed?”  My words I pull from past experience and the strength that I have received through my own inner voice becoming stronger through active meditation practice and my writing/still meditation practice.  These words I shall share with you now in hopes that they will help you all to reach your true happiness with time.  

~Block time for you.  This blocking time for you means that you have to place it within your schedule where your “you time” will be of importance.  And with dedication and discipline that you time will become your sacred time.  You may even find that the sacred time you place aside will lead you to your true calling in life.  Your blocking of time can be as simple as turning off your phone for a two-hour period or taking a walk in nature with no interruptions.  It is best if the blocking of time is only with you.  When we learn to be by ourselves we can hear our own voice and the busy baggage that maybe weighing us down.  To find our true happiness we need to be able to love ourselves first and foremost and to understand when we need to say “no” and “that we can’t do this or that.”  If we are constantly running and not blocking time for the you inside then we burn out  and cant perform to our best in relationships, with our daily activities, and even with how we view ourselves.  

~Dedication to Journaling.  Many of my dear friends and everyday clients get nervous when I mention the importance of journaling.  Journaling doesn’t need to be sitting down in a quiet space for hours at a time.  Journaling in my eyes and the way I add it into my practice work with Movement for You is that I constantly have paper with me and a pen or a small notebook so I can write down thoughts that are flying through my head at all hours of the day.  Yes, and even if those thoughts are negative or very deep and heart-felt write them down.  If you train yourself to walk around with a good, old paper filled journal and pen (no computer here, or phone, or iPad) classic journal we are talking about your body and mind can see on paper how you feel.  When we start to write down the thoughts that we are having whether happy thoughts or negative thoughts we bring awareness to our behaviors and the voice that we may be using with ourselves and probably with others.  When we become more aware of our voice that we are saying to ourselves we can stop and guide our voice to a more loving place over time with dedication and commitment to the journaling and to checking in with reading back over how we felt over the past week, days, or months.  Is it painful to view our past thoughts through journaling?  Absolutely!  But, in order to find your true happiness and the deep internal happiness that I find on a daily basis you need to do your homework and fight for that happiness.  You need to recall “What makes you happy?” from your childhood, young adult hood, or even as an adult now. If we don’t dedicate to constant check ins and the viewing of our thoughts you can’t grow to be the best spiritual being that we are all meant to be and a being that is always willing and ready to give the love.  More love= checks in through journaling= dedicating time to you= internally deep happiness.  

~Keeping it simple.  Everyday when you wake remember to tune into your breath.  Your breath allows you to live another day in your fullest capacity.  Dont wait until it is too late, or when your body is tired and runned down to remember the simple things in life. The seasons changing, the birthdays that maybe in front of you, or the people who you love and are important to you (not the baggage….the important people in your life) the ones that are there for you day in and day out no matter what.  Keeping it simple is very hard since our world revolves around material things, family drama, friendship drama, and constant busy times due to work, family planning, and everything else under the sun.  Keeping it simple can be one of your mantras to write in your journal as your title to your first page of dedicating to you.  Keeping it simple is different for everyone. You are the only one that can find the simplicity in life.  One of  my favorite moments to find simplicity is when I wake in the morning I always see a ray of sunshine come through my front window.  It is almost like the light reminds me that there is a higher power above all of us that will guide us through our day and life no matter what.  Remember simplicity comes is all forms, sizes, and sometimes pops out of the blue when we least expect it too.  Be simple today and be sure to look around with open childlike eyes to find something new that may just place you right back in your 8-year-old body of living to the fullest and in the most simple way filled with gratefulness.  

I wish all my followers and dear clients a heart filled with deep, internal happiness on a daily basis. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your love and support over the years and I look forward to sharing more of my words and Movement for You practice with each and every one of you for years to come.  

Lindsay Schaefer is the creator and founder of Movement for You practice http://www.movementforyou.com and the Artistic Director of Artists in Unity http://www.artistsinunity.com


You can see more of Lindsay’s work via her websites, Facebook page, instagram, Vimeo channel, and through her book that is available on Amazon.  





Springtime brings Newness

I always love how when our seasons change the body shifts gears to make changes too.  Springtime always seems to bring many gifts to me~ a wedding 18 years ago, two little ones that were born at the top of spring 9 and 11 years ago, and even with all my artistic work and creative teaching work with movement new shifts and discoveries always tend to come my way when the cold days come to a close, springtime sunshine makes our faces lift, and heading outdoors becomes inviting with each scent that comes in our path. 

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As many of my followers know I create and share my practice work with Movement for You and Artists in Unity in my home studio space.  Over this past weekend, my husband and I have been quite busy prepping the studio for filming that will take place at the end of the month for Project Mariposa for my other company Artists in Unity http://www.artistsinunity.com.  I have been loving sharing the new look and studio atmosphere with my regular clients for Movement for You http://www.movementforyou.com.  With fresh paint on the walls, a turn from a dark color to all white in the studio, to the open window concept my body and my clients’ bodies have been so happy and loving the springtime changes that  have been happening for MFY and AIU in the studio. 



Some lovely new friends have been visiting me in the studio and I am grateful for all the new souls that have walked into the studio this month.  Movement for You is growing with each passing day and I can’t believe the amount of love, dedication, commitment, and lifestyle change that is being shared in the studio space.  Thank you to all my followers and clients for allowing me to teach and guide you with Movement for You practice.  It is a dream come true to see Movement for You practice benefiting others as much as it has benefited my body, mind, and spirit over the last 20 years.  


To all my dear clients and followers remember you can support more of my work by visiting the following sites www.movementforyou.com www.artistsinunity.com https://www.facebook.com/Movement-for-You-and-Artists-in-Unity-179731992111934/?ref=bookmarks and by reaching out today to purchase my book The Process~ The Practice~ The Artists available on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Process~-Practice~-Artist-Lindsay-Schaefer/dp/1503352935/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1460487327&sr=8-1&keywords=lindsay+schaefer or via the store section on AIU website www.artistsinunity.com And I still have three more DVD’s available of Movement for You practice if you are interested in adding that to your movement library.  Finally, springtime sessions are still available for Movement for You practice.  Contact Lindsay Schaefer lindsayschaefer@movementforyou.com or info@artistsinunity.com to register for MFY today!

Love and thanks to all of my dear clients and followers for all of your love and support~