The Simplicity of 5 to Meditate


 Walking-Sitting-Being Still-Sacred Place- Nature- Symbol- Statue- Mantra- Reading-Repetition-Candle-Music-Beads…….

I can breathe

I am love

I am grateful

I am me

Every mind refers to meditation and a meditative state in a different way.

We cannot judge meditation or the way that we obtain that reflective state of being.  Making and creating space to meditate and reconnect to who you are is key to a healthy and productive lifestyle.  Here are five Movement for You meditation exercises that revolve around simplicity.  I hope they help you in your discovery of meditation and keeping it alive in your daily practice work.   

  1. Repetition of your favorite mantra or one that you have created.
  2. Walking in a square or circle either outside in nature, in your neighborhood, or even inside your home or backyard.
  3. Sky watching.
  4. Lay in Bed with Open Eyes.
  5. A cup of tea, hot water, and a journal

20170402_113249These five simple Movement for You meditation exercises will help to lead you to the best you.  Our daily homework on the mat and off are crucial in understanding the true practice of Movement.  Physical and Mental practice need to be a complete union and threaded together with heart felt energy, breath, and constant awareness of always wanting to shoot higher and deeper than the day before. Be amazing today and for every continued day in front of you by taking a moment to experience the five simple Movement for You meditation exercises mentioned above. 

This blog is written by Lindsay Schaefer creator and founder of  Movement for You practice and artistic director of Artists in Unity

20170524_165004(0)You can view more of Lindsay’s work via her book The Process, The Practice, The Artist available on Amazon.



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