Building a Personal Practice for YOU

Every day our body and mind are different from the day before.   Situations, stress, amount of sleep, conversations, daily responsibilities, and outside society can trigger red flags within our emotions and within our physical body.  I always say in my teaching of Movement for You practice that you should learn something new about your way of thinking and your physical body in every practice session.  If every day was the same then practice would become to repetitive and we would start to question the practice for what it is.  But, if we open every practice with the thought of I shall move to free my body and mind from unnecessary layers then our mats become a blank canvas for us to explore in. 

Through my one on one sessions with clients I often receive the question of “How do I start to build my own personal practice?”  I love receiving and answering this question because then I find the studying student is ready to do further homework and discover a deeper sense of who they are.  I remember when I was studying in NYC and every Tuesday and Wednesday at 4pm I would hit my Ashtanga yoga practice and when we entered practice my guru would say “Practice is the key to your inner life.” Inner life was another word for internal self and daily self-check in as I like to call it.  If our inner life is not in check then our outside life and what we do on a daily basis will have no deep heart felt connection.  I started practice every time I visited with that special mantra “Practice is the key to your inner life.”  That mantra has stayed with me for years and I continue to practice daily because of it so that I can be full and connected and so I can give my deepest gifts and passions to all of you in the studio and out. 

I will share with you today a Movement for You practice sequence that can help to build your own personal practice at home and enhance your work in the studio with me or fellow other gurus.  Try to dedicate a 10 to 15 minute time frame for practice when you start out on your own personal practice session.  Do not judge yourself with what comes next.  If you find you need to pull this blog up and follow the postures step by step then do so. With a couple weeks of practice I am sure that these postures will become easier and free flowing.  Your body and mind will actually start to ask for them on a daily basis. 

Half Lotus with breathing- 3 minutes of stillness with your breath.  This is your time to connect to your inner heart, the mat, and your daily intention towards yourself and others. 



20170524_165004(0)Childs pose to Upward Dog- move from childs pose to upward dog for a sequence of 6 to 8 times.  Keep remembering to breathe as if you are listening to a waltz 1,2,3 inhale and 1,2,3 exhale as you move forward and back.



20170524_165930Downward Dog in Stillness- hold downward dog for a 1 to 2 minute period of time.  Inhale through the nose and exhale out through the nose.  Try to distribute your weight evenly through the hands and feet. 

20170524_170037Pigeon pose- perform pigeon pose on the right and left side and hold for 8 to 12 breathes on each side. 


20170524_170109Modified Camel- perform modified camel for 8 to 12 breathes. 


20170524_170447Forward Fold sitting and Forward Fold standing- each of these postures can be performed back to back and held for 8 to 12 breathes in each posture. 






20170524_170814Chair- perform chair in stillness for up to 1 to 2 minutes.  As in the downward dog stillness hold posture you want to focus on distributing your weight evenly through your feet and pulling the weight through your abdominal core and extremities up through space.  Do not sit in your hips and bottom.  Keep lifting the body up as you relax into the Chair stillness hold posture. 20170524_170846

20170524_170838Goddess Hold in 2nd– perform goddess hold in second for up to a 1 minute time frame.  You want to focus on your inhale and exhale breathing as if you are listening to a waltz 1,2,3 inhale and 1,2,3 exhale.  Placement of the knees directly over the middle portion of your toes is key.  Keep lifting the body up through space as you are holding in the goddess hold in 2nd20170524_171212


Happy personal practice building to all of my followers.  Please be sure to check out Movement for You website and follow my business page on Facebook for more short video clips to add to your personal practice sessions at home.  I look forward to seeing you in the studio! Connect today if you are interested in private, corporate, or personal group sessions with me as your coach in movement or life counsel.  My passion in life is to guide others to true happiness and all the endless possibilities that are inside of them.  Move every day for the most complete life~

This blog was written by creator and founder of Movement for You practice Lindsay Schaefer and she is also the Artistic Director of Artists in Unity

You can view more of Lindsay’s work in her book The Process, The Practice, The Artist available on Amazon.




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