Build a Relationship with Yourself

20160526_183812A relationship with yourself is the first key to happiness and the ability to spread your love to others.  If we do not love ourselves and give ourselves the honor of self-respect we can’t pass unconditional love to another individual.  I have this model I share within all my Movement for You practice workshops on the mat and off-

Self- Check In = Self Awareness= Self- Love= A Stronger Community

When we do our daily self-check in with our journal writing we communicate on the pages our emotions that we are feeling throughout every activity of our day.  The time we take to sit and write down our emotions whether they are up or down allows us to become more aware of how we are speaking to ourselves and to others.  Self-Awareness of Emotions and Self-Check In equals more self-love and in return guides every human being to a stronger community due to our personal self- check in time. 

So how do we begin to navigate our own personal self-check in time?

  1. Daily Journal Writing: Separate your journal into three sections a) Self-Check In b) Goal Orientation c) Who am I? Be sure to check back in with my weekly blogs for more guidance on how to set up your personal journal. 20160527_112327
  2. Personal Practice time on your Mat: Select three to five postures from your yoga practice that you enjoy to perform whether in class or in your own personal practice at home. You want to have a deep connection to these postures and not a love/hate relationship with them.  As I always say “Balancing postures are sometimes like our veggies.”  If you find it is a struggle to do a certain posture do not place that posture in this series of three to five selected postures.  Pick only your favorites and ones you have mastered.  Then focus on inhale and exhale breathing for 5 to 10 breath sequences.  Inhale 1, 2, 3 and exhale out 1,2,3 as you perform each posture that you selected.  Be sure to watch Movement for You video clips on my business Facebook page Movement for You and Artists in Unity for personal practice ideas. 20160416_112952
  3. Sitting or Walking Meditation: The steps we take move us forward in action.  Each step leads us to a happier self.  The steps we take to sit in silence on our mat or the steps we take out in nature or around our home are the beginning steps to self-discovery.  Three to five minutes a day placed aside for sitting meditation or walking meditation will connect you to your breathing and the rhythm of your heartbeat.  These two connections will help to clear the mind and ease the body into a more mindful state.  Over the next couple of weeks I will be guiding my followers through Mindfulness Techniques that will help guide individuals into sitting or walking meditation.

20160527_111451Friends remember building a relationship with yourself is the key to building a life filled with happiness and love.  Keep my Movement for You practice model with you as you jump into journal writing and a deeper self-discovery of You!

Self- Check In = Self Awareness= Self- Love= A Stronger Community


20160605_113027 Lindsay Schaefer is the creator and founder of Movement for You practice and the Artistic Director of Artists in Unity





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