Life and the Adventure of Finding Balance

20160610_164329As a mama, wife, business owner of two companies one in the arts and one in fitness, life and all the adventures of finding balance surround me on a daily basis.   My key to living is always to place happiness and mindfulness first.  Live life to the fullest so everyone around you pulls energy from your energy to do the same.  Live and manage your life with simplicity but organization. And finally priorities first, meaning the ones you love are always placed before all situations and things every waking minute of your day.

How do I pull off some of these life mantras and carry these mantras out in life, in the studio, and through life? 

*I place intention every day to do better than the day before. 


*I surround my life with only positive energy, clients, work collaborators, and family who place respect at the top of their game. 


*I do not compromise the simple life that makes me so very happy reading on a daily basis, 15 minutes of quiet time even when kids are around, disconnect from work to rethink and redirect, and reaching out always to say I love you to that special soul in your life that supports you 100% in all you do.   


Mindfulness brings us happiness and overall peace and in the end it allows us to experience life to the fullest and all the adventures that come our way.  Mindfulness and check in and finding and defining your own voice, your own mantras are key to finding the simplicity which in turn leads you to balance.  Some key points that will help you in discovering your own balance, your own mindfulness on a daily basis and not being afraid of keeping it simple, and finally with seeing every minute in your day as a beautiful adventure are the following~

*Get yourself a journal and write all the random thoughts that come your way.  From your inner most desires, to your wants, to your needs, to your envy, to your feelings that may need to be revealed to make you the best you.  When we write our thoughts out our minds become clear, focused, and mindful behaviors and awareness can move in to create balance. 

*Place intention time aside even when you are watching your kids, with your husband or the love of your life, even during your work time, or walking through daily activities.  Placing intention can be as simple as when you set out to do cleaning or a chore you say this- I am grateful to have this home before me to clean.  I am grateful I can help with responsibilities.  I am grateful to place my energy right here in this moment.  Yes, I broke it down to basics for you.  But, here is the key to this mindful approach and doing.  Not everyone around us may have the opportunity to have a home, take care of things, or see why it is important to take care of things and the people around you.  If we can redirect our minds to understanding the importance of giving grace during simple activities such as chores or necessity responsibility doing.  Well, then the magic happens to understanding your role and carrying through life, through your relationships, through your everyday taking care of your children, family, and yes others.  We also start to see this mindful approach become more present in our work spaces and outside relationships.  We learn to see our value and the importance of what makes us happy and present. Simplicity is the key in balance.  In order to have a simplistic life style you need to be able to work hard and not dive from your own responsibilities.  This is extremely crucial in all relationships especially in love with our spouses and partners and set the base for our kids to follow.  And also you need to place intention and minutes aside even during your own busy life and carrying out of responsibilities to always hear your own voice ticking in the back of your mind.  Your own voice will always carry you through when intention and time is set aside.  So place devices down and start journaling more and taking those 15 minutes of intention today. 

*Hit your sacred place to practice on your mat.  Through my Movement for You practice work I have found my voice for life.  I have found my voice as a mama, wife, artist, performer, teacher, director, producer, writer, choreographer, and as a good hearted and caring person.  I have found my loves in life because of this practice I dedicate too and the time I set aside for writing, intention making, and mat work.  I have found my revealing that has to happen in order to be more.  I have found my darkest deepest fears and fears I wish I could have run from but cant.  I have found gracefully how to overcome every obstacle that comes my way.  And the most important MFY component that has come into my living with this practice I hold dear to my heart is this-

To always love myself, respect my body and the words I choose towards this temple I have been given.  And to share that love, respect, caring, and compassion with the world and everyone that comes before me in the studio and off the mat in life.

20160527_112327 I wish everyone out there a full and adventurous life filled with love, compassion, and reflection.  Make sure to do your check- ins with yourself so you can give more to others and live to the fullest everyday of your lives. 

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