Finding the Love for You Makes Practice that Much Better…….

With Movement for You Practice I have seen many different clients come to me from athletes, to professional dancers and actors, to individuals suffering and in pain from addiction and recovery, to everyday friends and family that are going through everyday changes with raising a family, being successful in their work, to trying to find time for fun.  All the clients that come before me teach me to surrender more so with my own life with teaching, performing, and giving back my gifts to all of you.  I surrender completely because I want the other person to understand that surrendering leads you to more.  Surrendering leads you to truly loving yourself and all accepts of yourself from your body, to your mind and thoughts, to everything that surrounds you on a daily basis in life.   And when we truly surrender to the friends that may be in front of us that need our guidance and help and to all of life’s challenges, obstacles, and roller coaster rides that are thrown our way we learn to love ourselves more and also we are able to give more of ourselves to others in a respectful way that doesn’t weigh our heart or mind down. 

Summertime is always a change of direction for my work with Movement for You.  Some dear clients take a break to enjoy summer vacations or some may need to travel more due to their work environments.  The studio with everyday teaching for MFY goes from a five day a week schedule to usually a two to three day a week schedule so I can spend more time with my kids that are growing so very quickly before my eyes and embrace the summertime that is in front of us.  Years back and especially before my kids I was that crazy professional dancer hitting every class possible to train and picking up every artistic gig so I could keep myself in the industry at the most elite level.  Then years passed and my body realized that life always places changes and new paths in front of you for a reason. It truly is good to slow down at times and be still. 

This brings me to my main point for this month’s writing for Movement for You.  When we stop, listen, and on days that we have free time be still our mind and body will start to see and hear the new paths that maybe in front of us.  New paths are always right before our eyes and once we can learn to tune into those signs our body will start to surrender completely to trust when obstacles and life’s challenges are thrown our way.   

I look back to 11 years ago before I had my little ones and I can say I never really surrendered fully.  I would be in auditions at times and directors would constantly say “stop that director mind of yours from working and just dance.”  The dancing was never enough for me and the majority of the time I was doing more work then I needed to in the audition because my mind would be working not only for myself but for every other dancer that was there along with the director calling the shots.  I was lucky though as a dancer that many of the directors fell in love with me and my spitfire personality along the way.  And from watching some of those awesome directors in action is what made me who I am today and why I am capable of running two companies with such different needs.  I share this non surrendering situation with you from my early performance days because there were moments that I was questioning what is to come next, should I take this new step, or be safe and stay with what is currently in front of me.  The questioning was a lot to do with the non-surrendering.  Questioning often leads us yes to some great answers but it can also lead us to beating ourselves up if we need to face rejection, not getting that certain gig, or even at times taking the wrong path that we thought was the right path to take.  When there is complete surrender physically on your mat with practice and mentally off of your mat in your journal work, when having your free time to think, or even when in a meditative dream state you will find complete surrender leaves you at peace.  You don’t question the opportunities that you left or what would have happened if you stayed.  Your mind feels clear and present in all the life situations and people that come before you.  You truly start to love thyself in every single way which in return makes practice on and off the mat that much better. 

I share now with you a series of postures that will allow you to open your mind and body to surrender so that you can start loving yourself so deeply and then share it with the world.  It is quite a sweet place to wake up every day and love thyself to the fullest.  It bring happiness to you, to others, and to society.  We are all capable of digging very deeply within to find that surrendering point, to find the love we have been given at birth for ourselves, and to share it with others to the fullest. 








 You can check out more of Lindsay Schaefer’s work via the following sites. Please note that Lindsay Schaefer is a LivRioSportswear Ambassador and the pants she is wearing in these captures are LivRioSportswear pants.




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