Connection to Mind and Body

I would like to send all my love to my yoga instructor Lindsay for all she does for my mind and body. Never did I think my body could move the way it does. I always thought that yoga would be easy until I tried and realized how difficult it can be. It takes a lot of time and dedication. Even though I’m nowhere near where I want to be, I am definitely seeing a lot of progress and I know that sticking with Movement For You will get me there. Thank you Lindsay for all that you do for me. Your positive outlook on life is truly inspiring. You have helped my mind in more ways than one. I believe that people come into your life at the right moment and at this point in my life, it couldn’t have been more perfect. If anyone is dealing with aches, pains, anxiety, depression, etc., please do yourself a favor and check her out. You won’t regret it. Marianne Lohr


I love when my dear clients share how Movement for You practice has helped them and guided them to a better understanding of mind and body connection.  I have had the pleasure of working with Marianne Lohr for the past seven months with Movement for You practice.  Seven months ago I placed a nurturing environment for Marianne to step into to discover the endless possibilities that can happen when you dedicate to movement.  When we first started out we would focus on deep stretching postures through MFY so she could see how her breath, stress level, and tension changed from the top of class, to the middle of class, and to the end of class.  With dedicating to MFY practice 2xs a week if not 3xs a week Marianne has learned to use her breath to move naturally through the MFY practice for mental and physical strength.  Seven months ago, Marianne had trouble rolling through her spine, stretching to touch her toes while in seated forward fold, and her endurance struggled with getting through five MFY postures for one sequence in her first two months of visiting me in the studio.  Her dedication to MFY and for multiple days a week has now given her body and mind a connected grace that can be seen in her daily carriage of posture, her MFY practice work while in the studio, and as she is carrying herself through life.  Marianne has embraced the MFY philosophy and has made it a Way of Life practice.  It warms my heart as a teacher and guider of MFY to see the incredible progress and life alternating changes that has happened mentally and physically to Marianne over just a short period of time. 


I hope my Movement for You followers enjoy seeing Marianne in action with Movement for You practice.  The following postures that you will see performed by Marianne are wonderful additions to your daily life activities and the MFY postures will connect you deeply to your mind and physical body when performed up to 3xs a week.  The postures will release stress, ease anxiety and depression, and help women with the uncomfortable feelings they may feel during their monthly cycles.  These postures are regular staples in Marianne’s MFY practice work with me in the studio.  I hope you can take a few minutes to test them out yourself and if you are interested in visiting me in the studio with Movement for You practice feel free to reach out via email to book your session today!

Congrats Marianne Lohr on all of your incredible progress and I thank you for your constant dedication and love towards Movement for You! I look forward to guiding you for many more years in the studio with Movement for You practice!


Warrior III at the wall. Hold up to 30 seconds on the rt. side and then on the lf. side.  You can perform this sequence for 2-3 sets.


Shoulder Stand posture.  Focus on holding this posture for 30 seconds.  To build your body up to longer lengths in time with holding this posture repeat the 30 second holding up to 3 sets.  When you recover to sitting in between each shoulder stand posture be sure to rest for at least 15 seconds to 30 seconds before repeating.  The goal is to eventually hold this posture with ease for 3 minutes in length.


Downward dog with battement extension.  Hold this posture for 30 seconds on your rt. and lf. side.  You can repeat up to 2 to 3 sets.



Baby’s craddle.  Hold this posture for up to 1 minute in length.  Deep breathing in this posture as you count backwards in your head from 20 to 1.  This will help you to focus on your breathing pattern, calming of the body, and help you to achieve the 1 minute goal of holding the posture.


Open passe stretch.  Hold this posture for up to 30 seconds on the rt. and lf. side.


Modified spiral twist is great to place in between the open pass stretch posture shown in the picture right above this one.


Pigeon Stretch is the classic hip opener and works wonders on opening the pelvis especially during our cycling times as women.  Hold for up to 1 minute on rt. and lf. side.


Pretzel stretch has varying levels.  You see Marianne performing the pretzel in the first level of this posture.  With time we work the body to trust the breath and allow our instrument to lean over the legs and the chin to hook on the knee of the top leg within the stretch.  Hold pretzel for up to 1 minute on each side.

This blog is written by Artistic Director of Artists in Unity and Creator and Founder of Movement for You Practice Lindsay Schaefer.  You can follow more of Lindsay’s work via the following sites-






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