Sharing Movement for You Practice with Mary


 Moving with Lindsay is truly what keeps me balanced and focused. Not only is she a delight to be around, she is dedicated and passionate about everything she does! Each session we have I learn something new about my body and self. I think it is extremely important to always make time for your mind and soul. It’s not a diet or a quick fix, it’s a lifestyle. Always invest in you! So much love to you Linds!!  Mary Ott #‎withlovemary

 As you all know I have kept Movement for You practice by my side through both of my pregnancies and through every life change that has faced me.  I truly believe in my heart that Movement for You practice is A Way of Life Practice and connects all my friends I share this practice with to the importance of self-care mentally and physically. 

Today, I am honored to share one of my dear client’s and friend with all of my Movement for You followers.  Mary Ott has been welcoming the Movement for You practice into her life for the past three years.  I started out training Mary in a group class (that was filled with much passion and incredible spirits….I still remember all those followers).  And then her training moved to a semi- private since my work has now shifted to more one on one work with MFY.  Since the birth of her beautiful baby boy Hendrix, Mary has now made a constant dedication to MFY privately. 

The private practice with MFY has allowed Mary to grow in strength both mentally and physically.  The personalized class work and education of MFY that I share with her at an elite level has given Mary much confidence to speak about MFY to her community because she feels so passionate about how the practice has changed her life and has filled her soul with Awareness.   Most importantly, what I love about passing the MFY practice onto Mary is that I have been able to teach Mary the importance of loving every ounce of her body from the start of her pregnancy with baby Hendrix to embracing post pregnancy class work and the changes the body goes through not only physically on the outside but also internally for the first year after giving birth.  I have been sharing MFY practice with Mary since before her pregnancy, to almost 1 month before Hendrix’s was born, to post pregnancy not even 8 weeks after giving birth, and now up to 2x’s to 3x’s a  week with the full MFY practice involving yoga, pilates, and dance conditioning.  I am proud to be training and educating Mary everyday she hits the studio with MFY. 

I am grateful for Mary’s dedication to Movement for You practice and it warms my heart to see the Movement for You practice working on another body and mind just like it did on mine.  MFY is changing lives because it can move with you, grow with you, and teaches you to always accept and love the ever changing body that is in front of you.  There is not one day that our body is the same.  How can it be?  Since our environments change and our bodies respond to every atmosphere it walks into.  MFY guides individuals to understand the importance of acceptance and dedicating to our mats and self-care check in 2x’s a week if not 3x’s a week.  And with time that dedication and acceptance leads MFY followers to wanting the practice sometimes up to 7 days a week. Your body and mind start to crave it!

I hope my MFY followers enjoy taking a glimpse into my private sessions with Mary Ott and baby Hendrix.  I truly am honored to be sharing MFY with Mary and I look forward to seeing her grow with MFY over the years.  Who knows maybe baby Hendrix will be my next face for Movement for You kids since I know he loves moving as much as Mary and I do. 



Remember everyone to love the body that was given to you.  Dedication to practice can change your life in a matter of sessions with MFY.  And don’t ever underestimate the endless possibilities that are within all of us when movement and hard work are involved.  MFY changes lives because it is A Way of Life Practice.  You can visit the following pages to learn more about my work and I look forward to seeing more beautiful souls visiting my studio! and



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