Taking Inventory and Make Space for You

20151224_170933This week I headed back into my Movement for You teaching and sharing my love for the practice with others.  Some new friends have been visiting me this week along with dear friends that have been with the practice for years.  I always find though that the week after New Year’s is one of the hardest weeks for friends, family, my children, and even my own self to keep the motivation up.  I think it’s a bit of everything from being on a wonderful break where resting became a part of each day.  To heading back into the groove full force at the start of Monday without taking a breath.  To realization that the written intentions we all placed down on the New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day needs to be acted upon and not thrown under the covers till next year’s resolutions and wishes. 

My biggest reminder to all my Movement for You followers at the top of the year is “Take Inventory” and remember to always “Make Space for You.”  Taking inventory can be accounted for in many aspects of our lives from our finances, to our personal relationships, to our health.  Inventory is different than writing down a wish or resolution for the New Year.  With inventory we prepare ourselves to look back over the past year and write down what worked and what didn’t.  In taking inventory you may decide to write everything in two columns as simple as “I am Grateful for in 2015……..” and “I will leave these situations behind from 2015…….” When we decide to look at the stories of our lives whether positive or negative then we take inventory and this sets us free to experience more in life.  Remember we grow from every situation, person, opportunity, and yes, even missed opportunity that has come in front of us!

20151224_165802Now, onto the second reminder for my dear Movement for You followers “Make Space for You.”  In December I had about 10 different clients reach out to me to study and pursue MFY practice in the New Year.  From years of working independently as a freelancer in dance and fitness throughout the country I can hear immediately the individuals that are ready for commitment and the ones that are still in a fog.  When individuals call me to experience MFY I always say to them I will be your guide.  I will not be the one that is working all the magic to transform your body and mind.  I will give my clients the tools and motivation to guide them through the MFY practice and with time, dedication, and hard work their minds will become more centered and in return their bodies will become very aware of proper alignment and how the body needs to work in order for it to perform its best.  When friends call me and we speak for the first time about MFY, I either move them through the fog that is hiding them from “Making Space for Themselves” or they continue on a journey of trying multiple fitness regimes in the hopes of quick fixes instead of A Way of Life Movement Practice that will change their lives.  December was successful in lifting the fog and guiding new friends to “Making Space for Themselves” by signing 4 new friends to MFY.   I remind all my followers whether new or old to the MFY practice that continued dedication and commitment to “Making Space for You” in regards to your health and movement is a necessity as much as waking up in the morning and brushing your teeth.  We will all feel much better in this world and be more open when alternative practices of movement such as Movement for You practice are experienced. 

20151224_165832I wish you all the best in 2016 and look forward to sharing my passion and love for movement with each practice I give to my followers.  Continue to spread the word about Movement for You practice and you can check out some of my work via the following sites.  Don’t forget to “Take Inventory” and “Make Space for You” in the New Year.  I can already feel the magic and endless possibilities that are in store for 2016. 

Love and Good Health~







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