December Reflection

MFY fotor collageThe month of December has been filled with new friends visiting my home studio for Movement for You practice.  I am honored to pass my knowledge of Movement for You practice onto others and to open their heart to the endless possibilites that their body holds.  But, to get to the opening and peeling of the layers from one dear friend to the next (because each person is so unique) it takes time, dedication, and each class opening up with intention of passing my love of movement onto them.  

IMG_2050 (2)I have always loved the month of December since yes, it is the month that my parents brought me into this wonderful world many years ago.  But, moreso for the fact that December gives us permission to reflect on the time that has passed and all the accomplishments that we may or may not have hit over the course of the year.  I find if we truly embrace the month of December and season for what it is that our heart becomes renewed as if our soul is gearing up for a rebirth.  

Each new friend that has visited me so far in December is crying out for rebirth and newness.  I love guiding the new friends to the unpeeling of each layer that is masking their heart and true desires.  I find with each Movement for You practice that I pass along to my new friends in front of me is similar to a newborn baby taking in a new face of a loved one for its first time.  The curiousity for each new movement in front of them and the breath that goes with it stimulates the body and soul to awakening to something more.  

20151119_184135 (2)My friends visiting me sometimes dont realize how much they open me up and allow me to experience the rebirth they feel while diving into the unknown with movement.  I say to all my dear followers who are new and old to the Movement for You practice “You all inspire my curious spirit and awaken my soul as a guider each and everyday.  I become more as a Movement Specialist because of all of you and the hours that we spend together sharing Movement for You practice.”  

MFY fotor 2Keep reflecting dear friends over this month of December and into our season of winter.  I pass love and thanks to all of my current followers of Movement for You practice and look forward to new friends visiting my home studio in 2016.  In the meantime I hope you can take a minute to check out my work via the following sites~



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