Giving leads to Receiving

20151107_102647_resized_3I remember when teaching multiple group class work in New York City years back I found it extremely important to my soul to meet and greet every individual that would be sharing an hour of their day with me.   The majority of the time the classes were filled with thirty friends or more for movement based classes.  And these wonderful movement based classes with large groups led to many one on one clients booking time with me so they can be guided deeper with practice. 

The other day a dear client said to me that I have such a personal approach with learning about each client that is in front of me.  I find that the personal approach comes naturally since I am giving from my heart and soul to share my passion for movement.  I truly care about each friend that comes in front of me and is ready to make the dedication to movement to free their soul and lead them to more.  I don’t refer to myself as only a teacher when speaking of the practice work I pass with Movement for You.  I view myself as the guiding spirit that is in front of others to lead them to more.  More appreciation for their own bodies and all the endless possibilities it may have hidden within it.  The most beautiful element of this one on one interaction that I get to receive as a guiding spirit whether private or group work that is placed in front of me is the heart to heart connection that is received from all the beautiful souls that make the decision to dedicate to Movement for You. 


My whole life I have been told “how do you give so much?”  I truly believe in my heart that the giving is a natural element and tendency within all of us if the heart to heart connection is found between good communication and setting of goals.  With each lovely friend that comes before me for Movement for You Practice I make it a point to find that heart to heart connection immediately.  I want each friend to feel the unleashing power that movement can provide for them on a daily basis.  I dig deep within my repertory of choreographed practices for each new friend that comes to share practice so they can feel each movement as if it is a gift to them.  With time I feel the gift come right back to me as if a hand written letter is received in my mailbox for me to personally read.  The specialness that is felt when friends make the breakthrough with movement invention warms my heart and still sometimes can bring tears to my eyes. 

When you see that struggling individual who kept saying I can’t do that movement and then they guide themselves with breath six weeks later with following your voice into the movements that felt so hard a couple weeks earlier it amazes not one soul but both.  The unleashing power of movement invention puts anxiety as ease, lifts depression even in its worst states, places individuals back on their feet when their physical and mental state is unfocused, and leads friends to a wonderful state of giving to themselves in order to receive more in life. 

Be sure to give yourself a special gift this holiday season with reaching out about Movement for You Practice.  The gifts you receive from taking the first steps towards lifestyle change and discovery with Movement for You Practice will be endless. 

This blog is written by Creator and Founder of Movement for You Practice and Artistic Director of Artists in Unity Lindsay Schaefer. 

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