Inner Drive

How do I find my inner drive? 


That has been the question I have been asked over the past month from clients and friends while they watch me juggle the intense schedule that I live for.  I do enjoy my down time and relaxation time to think, create, hit the outdoors, and spend time with my family.  But, my inner drive can truly be challenged on certain days when homework for both children stands in front of me, sharing my passion of movement with others and needing to get in 4 to 6 clients in a day, the endless creative and planning that my company Artists in Unity needs, and the everyday demands that a family of four deals with on a daily basis.   I have learned that taking in each situation, person, and event that stands in front of me with open eyes, ears, and breath allows me to be present for all the beautiful happenings that I may come to face in my daily schedule.  When my breath is aligned with my heart passion and goals then my inner drive is high and full. 


In my Movement for You Practice I discuss the importance of Circle of Breath from the first exercise of the choreographed practice to the last inhale and exhale that is taken.  The awareness of Circle of Breath is what allows the body to tone more efficiently, gain mind control and release all negative thoughts, and prepares you for the outside world and the responsibilities that may be on your plate on any given day. 

Finding your inner drive is 100% connected to finding your breath.  I believe everyone can find their Circle of Breath within over time.  Some individuals may find Circle of Breath by walking and counting the number of seconds they can inhale and exhale.  For instance, inhale for four counts and exhale for 6 counts.  Then challenge the body to reverse the breathing sequence.  Six counts for the inhaling and four counts for the exhaling.  Others may find they need to stand still or sit still on a chair or on a mat and close their eyes to activate and tune into their breath. 

Circle of Breath awareness is the number one component of my teaching practice Movement for You and is activated with practice on a daily basis.  To activate the breath one will need to dedicate to this practice while exercising and also while doing other activities throughout your day.  When the breath is active through our bodies our inner drive to perform our best in life whether physically or mentally will be in high gear.   Active breath leads us to our highest degree of inner drive for all the activities that stand in front of us. 

IMG_1861Movement for You blog is written by creator and founder of Movement for You Practice Lindsay Schaefer.  You can visit DSC_6082Lindsay’s work via the following sites-




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