Private Clients and the Importance of Connection

As I taught in my home studio this morning and shared my Movement for You Practice with a special client of mine I realized the Importance of Connection.  My offering of Movement for You Practice from one special friend to another is different in many ways from the breathing I share, to the choreographed practice I place in front of them, and to the overall conversations that we have throughout the passing of practice so connection of mental and physical body can be found within.  

I always share with my clients that I am only a guide to lead you to the physical and then in return you will be led naturally to a calm, present, and graceful mental state.  The Movement for You Practice three components of Breath, Focus Point, and Dedication to Self comes with placing time aside for our special meetings of two to three times a week for the process of practice to work its magic.  I have seen over the past years with MFY many bodies physically and mentally be transformed to a more positive space once the dedication is made from my clients to block the time for practice and connect to my voice that is passing the message. 


The Importance of Connection happens pretty quickly with my clients and me since four private sessions are usually achieved within a two week period if not sooner.  When I have the opportunity to work with clients on such a personal and intimate level with movement with this commitment of time to the MFY practice I see progress with their breath, overall posture, internal awareness of how they are physically and mentally feeling from the start of their day to the finishing point, and an openness of their heart that allows them to speak with a new found confidence of who they are and what they want from themselves in regards to good health and self-care.   

The Importance of Connection that I make with my clients allows me to react immediately to the practice I will set up for them at the start of our practice time together. Sometimes my special friends’ bodies are ready to start on the floor and on other days they are ready for standing work and more dance related work that involves conditioning and strength.  The mental and physical connection that I make with others is the key component in my private practice work with Movement for You since it allows me to constantly change and adapt the practice to the needs of my clients and what is best for their overall emotional and physical health.



I am grateful for my days years back at Temple University, Point Park College, and Chelsea Piers where Movement for You Practice ideas first originated.  And for all the years of study from various teachers in the world of Pilates, Yoga, and Dance that has added to my developments for Movement for You Practice.  I feel in ways like all my past training in fitness and the arts has allowed me to be filled with drive, dedication, discipline, and most importantly compassion for every client that comes before me.  My passionate heart is on a mission each and every day to pass my beautiful practice of Movement for You onto others with The Importance of Connection standing right by my side so that my clients can leave my sacred studio space with more awareness and love for their bodies and minds. 

IMG_1483This blog was written by creator and founder of Movement for You Practice Lindsay Schaefer. 


You can follow more of Lindsay’s work via the following sites-





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