I remember meeting Silver Kim almost a year back.  We met at her past studio on Courtney Street in Bethlehem.   I offered my work to her at that time, my DVD for Movement for You, in particular.   The meeting felt as if I was connecting with an old friend.  

There was a deepness felt even though it was our first time meeting.  For me, I remember leaving and having dinner with my husband and kids and saying I feel connected to Silver for some reason.  It is almost like her listening spirit was before me to offer me a new path. 

I was able to hear and see immediately her passion for yoga, movement, art, and her Kula Family.   This passion and fire reminded me of myself in a way.  It reminded me of my past mentors too that I looked up to like Jennifer Kries, Susan Gala, and more.   A year back, all I was asking for was to meet a new guide, a new inspiration, to help open my heart to more.  

A year ago, I truly believe it wasn’t the time for Silver and I to share work or grow from one another.  Then Hurricane Sandy came and I saw Silver giving her heart and connecting with my past communities of New York City and Hoboken.  I remember seeing her posts and pictures from her giving and I started to shed my own tears.   These areas affected by the disaster were my home base for so long as an artist, as a wife, as an early mother.   I felt that if I was still there, Silver could have been that positive and protective light to pull me through the disaster. 

Through this connection and watching of Silver’s actions and spirit, I found my own heart learning to give more, to open more, to reflect more on everything around me.   The reflection took me into an understanding that in 2013 it was a new time for new connections.  It was a new time to find more of a grounded feeling in Bethlehem and to accept new opportunities that I could give my talents too.   I was craving a home base not only for my work artistically but for my own spirit. 

Kula Heart (Silver’s studio) called out to me because of the giving I was seeing.  Every time I would visit Kula to drop a donation or to check out the schedule, I found myself wanting to go back.  I felt for the first time since living in Bethlehem like I found a studio to possibly call home. 

I have been in Bethlehem three years and have offered my talents in numerous spaces from colleges, to studios, to conservatory programs in the arts and I always felt like something was missing.  I couldn’t find the “family” feel like I had at Chelsea Piers for so many years.   I started to question even if my work belonged here in the Lehigh Valley.  But, then Silver’s class was placed before me and the welcoming Kula energy came into my heart.  

As I took Silver’s Friday morning teachers’ class at Kula a week after New Year’s, I realized her presence was calling me in.  I was intrigued on how her Friday morning class focused in on the importance of teachers.   How we should give thanks to all those past teachers that were before us and how they may have given us our inspiration to be teachers ourselves.

The class environment was warm, welcoming, and connecting.   I wanted to be in the back of class.  Silver’s voice, lead me to the front as if I was dancing at Point Park College once again.   With her voice, my confidence came back to not hide from the knowledge, gifts, and talents that were given to me.  I realized and remembered everyone in my past dance world, yogi world, academic learning, family, and in life “who” helped to inspire me, mold me, and give me guidance to become “who” I am today.  Silver’s words allowed this reflection and internal connection to happen for me.   It allowed me to feel connected not only to her, her community, but also to my internal self and heart.  

I wish I could visually draw my feelings out after Silver’s class.   I believe you would see in my journaling and artistic notebook a melting heart and a hard surface layer being shed.   Almost like a bleeding heart releasing its negative to shine again. 

Another image may be a playground with teachers around.  The playground would be filled with hanging adults discovering how wonderful it is upside down.   There would be gentle hands placed on feet/back/shoulders for support, love, and guidance.  This is my favorite image since everyone knows my saying in life is- The world would be so much better upside down!

And my final image is of “Mother.”  A soft and gentle mother image that takes you in, if you are willing and ready to be guided.   I felt the same connection to Silver through every pose and reflective moment in class as I did the first day we connected on Courtney Street.  Her mother image in the classroom gives everyone warmth, acceptance, and the ability to trust yourself.  Silver was able to pull everyone’s strengths and individual needs into the process of her teaching.  That is a true gift to make everyone feel special and connected to their purpose in life.  After class there was a state of acceptance and learning and peace. 

Silver’s connection to her passion, to her family, to her Kula, to herself inspire me to be more in this year of 2013.   I look forward to sharing and offering my talents to the Kula family.  I cannot thank Silver enough for the acceptance, the listening, and her gifts as a person, yogi, and educator.  

You have broken down one of my walls.  That, in my eyes is a gift.  I look forward to learning more from Silver in the new days ahead.  I am very excited to watch all her new adventures coming before her.  I am happy to say I think I found another mentor, A Gem, that we all call~ Silver Kim. 

This blog is written and created by Lindsay Schaefer. For more information on Movement for You, A Way of Life Practice or Artists in Unity please visit the following sites.  and



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