Sciatica Practice

This practice can be performed every other day as a 30 minute session.  You can also pull out your favorite postures to perform before a walk, start to your day, or before bed.  This is a gentle and flowing practice to ease the body of Sciatica Pain and tightness in the hips and buttocks.  Remember to breathe and to release the muscles of the buttocks and upper thigh as much as possible in this practice.  Gripping the muscles around the hip/buttocks will cause tenderness and sensitivity around the Sciatica nerve.  Release through the breath and flow of this practice and your body will become pain free. Enjoy!

Warm – Up

Cat /Cow

Spinal Balance


Downward Dog with Prancing

Child’s Pose

Repeat the entire 5 postures above back to back with continuous breath.  Rest and then repeat again for 2 more sets.  Try to challenge the body to breathe six times in each given posture. 


Standing Yoga Postures

Forward Fold with a Chair or Wall 

Hold for 6 breathes, recover, and repeat another set.   

Warrior I step backs with sweeping arms

Step back to Warrior I and sweep arms overhead to high open fifth position. Recover to mountain and repeat on the left side.  Try to hold each Warrior I posture for 3 breathes. 

Warrior II with Side Angle Stretch and Reverse Warrior

Find Warrior II, gently move into Side Angle Stretch, and then into Reverse Warrior. You will shift from Side Angle Stretch to Reverse Warrior up to 6xs.   Recover to Mountain and repeat on left side.

Warrior III at the Wall

Start in an L position pushing hands into the wall.  Pull your rt. knee in towards your chin and release rt. leg back to Warrior III.  Move through this posture up to 6xs on the right and then repeat on the left side. 

Floor work

Hundred with Chair or couch to support legs.  

Lay flat on your mat and place your legs over a chair or couch.  You will then slowly pre roll up into the hundred position to pump your arms for 60 counts to eventually 100 counts.  Your breath pattern will consist of 5 inhales and 5 exhales throughout this posture.  Release your legs into the chair or couch until the abdominal core is strong enough to support your body on its own as your arms are pumping.  

 Moving Pelvic tilt

Lay on your back and place you feet flat on your mat.  Gently engage your hamstrings and abdominal core as you press your pelvis up through a bridge position or pelvic tilt.  Do not grip in your buttocks or your hips through this moving posture.  You can move through this posture from mat to pelvic tilt up to 12xs. 

Spiral twists

Lay flat on your back and pull your knees into your chest.  Release the knees over to the right side for 3 breathes and then fan the legs over to the left side for 3 breathes.  Repeat Spiral Twist with fanning up to 6xs. 

This blog is written and created by Lindsay Schaefer. For more information on Movement for You, A Way of Life Practice or Artists in Unity please visit the following sites.  and








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