Greeting Spring

What a better way to connect with spring and the changing of seasons then to take your practice and meditation work outdoors.   I have always enjoyed the changing of seasons from fall to winter, winter to spring, spring to summer, and back to fall.   In fact when I was living on the west coast I felt such withdrawal from the east coast seasonal changes that I experienced most of my life.   In the beginning of each season it is a great time to take inventory of the body and mind to see what we need to connect with mentally and physically for the course of the season before us.  This tuning in will allow us to adapt more easily to hard winters or intense heat weather patterns. 

I will encourage you through this physical practice to feel your body through changing weather patterns.  When the sunshine is hitting your face with joy embrace a Vinyasa Flow based practice.  If you find you are dealing with mood fluctuations from dark days, winters, or daylight savings time embrace a Static Holding Practice to refocus your energy.   Challenge yourself with this practice by Greeting Spring or the season before you outdoors or at least in front of an open window that looks outside to nature.   Try the following practices whether the Vinyasa Flow Practice or the Static Holding Practice at various times of the day.  Understand the body will react differently to the practice at sunrise verses sunset.   

Greeting your body at the beginning of each season with a sense of newness and change will filter in positive energy.   Your body will learn to crave the changing seasons around you with each practice.   You will feel fulfilled and rejuvenated to take on new challenges and appreciate the beauty of nature before you.   Explore the outdoors with your practice to discover your body’s connection to nature and all the seasons before us.  


Physical Practices

Vinyasa Flow Practice                                                

Sun Salutation Sequence

6xs with a moving flow pattern and breath.   You can add jump backs to plank if your body feels ready for a more active practice.



Chair to Forward Fold with Spine Roll Up

Take Chair for 2 breathes and then release into Forward Fold for 2 breathes.  Gently roll up through each vertebra of the spine for 4 counts.  Repeat the entire sequence 4xs. 

2nd Position Parallel Standing Straddle Sequence

Find 2nd Position Parallel Standing Straddle and release the arms and upper body into Chest Expansion for 2 breathes.   Roll up through each vertebra of the spine to standing. Transfer the body into Warrior II on the Right side for 2 breathes and then shift to the Left side for 2 breathes.  Repeat the entire sequence 4xs. 

Plough to Moving Shoulder Stand

Find Plough position with your body. Allow your legs to extend upwards into Shoulder Stand.  You will then release your knees down towards your face as if you are curling into a ball for 2 counts.  Return back to an active Shoulder Stand for 2 counts.  Repeat the moving legs in Shoulder Stand up to 6xs.   Find Plough and rest for 2 breathes.  Repeat sequence up to 3xs.   

Sitting Forward Fold and Half/Full Wheel

Find Sitting Forward Fold and hold for 2 breathes.   You will then roll through each vertebra of the spine to a laying position on your mat.  Align the body for Half or Full Wheel for 4 breathes.   Release the body back down to your mat and roll up to repeat the entire sequence 4xs. 


Static Holding Practice

The following Static Holding Practice will be performed posture by posture.  I do not recommend Sun Salutation work in between each posture.  Try to hold each posture for 6 breathes and then direct the body into the next posture.  This practice should feel as if you are taking a photograph in each posture.  The main point in Static Holding Practice is to redirect the mind to stillness and breath. 

Downward Dog

Upward Dog


Forward Fold

Standing Chest Expansion in Mountain

Warrior II


Half Wheel or Full Wheel 


This blog is written and created by Lindsay Schaefer. For more information on Movement for You, A Way of Life Practice or Artists in Unity please visit the following sites.  and




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