Patience- Waiting for your Time

I remember as a young child always being told to be patient.  Wait, for this and you will achieve that or be patient and all things will come your way.   I now find myself teaching my children the importance of patience with each other, themselves, and with situations that may arise with learning, communicating, and accepting.  Patience is the key to understanding life’s plan whether we are a young child or an adult.   Patience will help us to Wait for our Time and to see the phases of life in front of us whether easy or difficult.

Allowing ourselves to be patient with each phase in life will connect us to internal happiness.  We will start to accomplish goals and dreams by taking baby steps instead of running.  We will learn to understand Waiting for your Time is important in connecting to your patient heart.   Once we are still with our patient or not so patient heart we will be able to see the whole picture of our lives and how situations connect to one another.  

At least one time a week, I find myself placing an intention through my physical practice towards Patience.   I remind myself to Wait for your Time to react, accept, or move on from an easy or troubling situation.  I find after I place an intention towards patience my heart opens and my practice guides my uneasy heart into understanding there will be more or this is where I should be in this given time. 

I give to you a still and sequenced advanced practice for accepting Patience-Waiting for your Time.  It is best if you can hold each posture for at least one minute and build up to three minutes with time.  Allow your body to move from one posture to the next after stillness.  I do not recommend a Flow Pattern of Sun Salutations in between this sequenced practice. 

Physical Practice

  1. Forward Fold
  2. Tree
  3. Eagle
  4. Yoga Toe Lock
  5. Downward Dog
  6. Classic Headstand
  7. Tripod Headstand
  8. Shoulder Stand
  9. Wheel
  10. Lotus

This blog is written and created by Lindsay Schaefer. For more information on Movement for You, A Way of Life Practice or Artists in Unity please visit the following sites.  and




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