Asthma Practice for Kids

I dedicate this practice to my daughter Penelope and to all parents who have young children struggling with Asthma, other Breathing related difficulties, and low immune systems.   I started practicing sequences from my Movement for You Practice with Penelope regularly two years back.  We have used this Asthma Practice designed specifically for kids to help with the healing process of Mono, Asthma related flare ups such as bronchitis and sinus infections, and general colds attacking the body. 

I encourage you to welcome your child into this practice with you.  It is designed as a parent and child practice to be explored together 2-3xs a week for significant improvements to be seen.  Your connection and bond to your child will improve with this regular Asthma Practice.  The stronger bond will help you tremendously during your child’s asthma attacks, asthma flare ups, or low immune days.

You can take part in this practice during sickness and asthma flare ups.  Parents may need to assist the child in moving their body if a sickness or flare up is present.  The beauty of this Asthma Practice is it will stimulate positive energy between you and your child.  It will also help the child’s body to release the sickness or blocked energy at a quicker rate.   Some children and parents will see improvements in wheezing patterns, congestion, fatigue, and even behaviors. 

I give you this practice from my heart.   Dedicate to the Asthma Practice for overall good health for your little one.  Parents give yourselves a pat on the back for offering this practice to your child and embrace the comfort, relief, and support you will feel from the Physical Practice.  To good breathing days and healthy little bodies!


Physical Practice

Butterfly Posture with Hand Play

Sit on separate mats with your child facing you.  You will then place the soles of your feet together in Butterfly Posture.  Allow your hands to relax over your knees with your palms facing up.  You will then squeeze your hands into fists as tight as you can for 5 counts.  Focus eye to eye with your child during the squeezing of the hands.  This internal gaze will calm and center both of you for practice.  Release the hands to a relaxed position over the knees with palms open for 5 counts.  Change your eye focus to look down on a diagonal line in front of you.  Repeat Butterfly Posture with Hand Play 4-6xs. 

Animal Play with Cat/Cow and Lion

Find all fours position with your child on separate mats.  Release the body into an exaggerated Cat/Cow posture 1x.  Sit back on shins and release your face and hands into Lion Posture 1x.  The body will then practice mini Cat/Cow postures with an increased tempo for 3xs.  Repeat the Animal Play Sequence 4xs. 

Upward Dog with Alternating Arm Stretches

Find Upward Dog or Seal on separate mats with your Child.  You will then activate your lower abdominal area and exhale as you lift your right arm up to high open 5th position.  Release the right arm down and repeat with your left arm.   Upward Dog with Alternating Arm Stretches can be performed for 6 counts.  Then rest in child’s pose and repeat a second set. 

Downward Dog with Alternating 3 Legged Dog

Find Downward Dog on separate mats with your child.  You will then release the right leg backwards and up into 3 Legged Dog.  You will be balancing on your hands and one foot at this time.  Release the right leg into downward dog and shift left leg backwards and up to 3 legged dog.  Repeat Downward Dog with Alternating 3 Legged Dog for 6-12 counts. 

Mermaid Mountain

Stand in Mountain at the top of your mats with your child.  Return back to that eye to eye focus as you did earlier in Butterfly Posture with Hand Play.  Lift your left arm up to high open 5th and slowly release the body over into an arch to the right side.  You will focus on finding the diagonal line of the body in this Mermaid Mountain Posture.  Stretch on the diagonal for 5 counts and keep the eye to eye focus with your child.  Return back to Center Mountain and be still for 3 counts.  Repeat Mermaid Mountain Posture to the left side.   Repeat 2 sets alternating sides. 

Moving Tree

Find Tree Posture on separate mats with your child.   Allow your arms to move upward to high open 5th position.  The right leg will be active in Tree Posture.  You will then lean towards the right leg in Tree for 2 counts, back to center for 2 counts, and then shift the lean to the left side for 2 counts.   Return back to Center Tree and release to Mountain.  Repeat on the left side.   Repeat 2 sets of Moving Tree alternating sides.   

Garland Pose with Spider Arms

Find Garland Pose on separate mats with your child.  Garland Pose is a deep open 2nd position squat with heels placed down on the floor.  After finding Garland Pose you will relax your hands down by the inside of your feet and cup your fingertips on the floor.  Remember to keep all your energy over the whole foot so the knees are protected and not rolling forward in this posture.  You will release one hand off the floor at a time to an open 5th position reaching for the sky.  Return the right hand down and then repeat with the left hand. Repeat Spider Arms in Garland Pose for up to 16 counts. Take a moment to find a quiet Garland Pose and then repeat a second set.  Tempo can be fast or slow in this posture depending on your health. 

Rolling Like a Ball with Voice Release

Sit on separate mats with your child.  You will then allow the body to fall backwards into Rolling like a Ball and recover to sitting 3xs.   On each recovering motion of Rolling like a Ball the exhale breath can use voice/sound.   You can make it simple with just saying your name out loud, favorite color, vocal scales such as la, la, la, or create a favorite sound of your own to release.  Keep the exhale breath with sound to one word.   Repeat the Rolling like a Ball with Voice Release up to 6xs.

Seated Straddle with Port de Bras

Sit on separate mats with your child and find Seated Straddle Position.  You will then lift your arms to a high open 5th position.  Slowly stretch with a Circular Port de Bras motion with the arms to the right foot and then across to center sweeping your hands on your mat.   You will continue the Circular Port de Bras to the left foot and then recover back to center.  Reverse the Circular Port de Bras with the arms to the other side.   Repeat Seated Straddle with Port de Bras 4-6xs. 

Reaching for the Sky into Sitting Sandwich

Sit on separate mats with your child with your legs out in front of you (Staff Posture).  Reach your arms upwards to high open 5th position.  You will then alternate right and left arms into an extended stretch as if reaching for the sky for 8 counts.   Then shift the body weight forward into Sitting Sandwich or Forward Fold.  Repeat this sequence 3xs. 

Moving Half Wheel with Walking Legs

Find Half Wheel Posture with your child or guide your child into this posture.  Once your child is present in the Half Wheel he/she will release the right leg upwards towards the sky for 1 count.  Release the right leg back to Half Wheel and repeat with the left leg.  If the child feels comfortable with releasing the leg for 1 count then he/she can continue with alternating walking movements with the legs.   You will stay in Half Wheel and alternate the legs in a walking motion for 16 counts. 

Candlestick with Bicycle Legs

Find Shoulder Stand or Candlestick Posture on your mat with child.   You will then start to bicycle your legs for 8-12 counts.   Release your legs over to Plough Posture for 3 breathes. Repeat Sequence one more time.  

Super Kid Fly

Lay on you front side with belly to mat in X position with your child.   Inhale and lengthen your body on the mat.  Exhale and extend your full body upwards into a flying X position or Super Kid Fly posture.  Your arms will be reaching in front of you as your legs are reaching behind you.  Hold the Super Kid Fly Posture for 4-6 breathes.  Rest and repeat posture 1 more time. 

Child’s Pose with Massage

Guide your child into Child’s Pose Posture.  You can allow your child to rest their foreheads on a pillow or towel.  Parents can very gently stroke the spine with your right and left fingertips as if you were petting a cat.   Stroke the Spine for two minutes from the top of your child’s head to their tailbone.  After the Stroking of the Spine you will be still with the hands for 1 minute. Parents can gently place their hands over their child’s spine with a loving touch.  Focus on passing breath to each other during the still period.   Repeat this whole Sequence 3xs.   


This blog is written and created by Lindsay Schaefer. For more information on Movement for You, A Way of Life Practice or Artists in Unity please visit the following sites.  and




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