Immunity Boosting Practice

I have developed this Immunity Boosting Practice for Good Health.   It is a wonderful practice to turn to when you feel run down, stressed, or recovering from sickness.  Even though agitation may be present in the body try to be as still as possible in the physical practice.   Turn inward and connect to your mental practice of circle of breath or focus point. 

Breathe deeply through each posture in the Immunity Boosting Practice.  The breath will help the body to rid negative toxins and stressors that are blocking positive energy during recovery from colds or difficult situations.  We place focus on the breath to increase the positive energy in our immune system.  Once we connect to the breath in our Immunity Boosting Practice sweat will begin to form, the body will loosen, and a clearer mind will be present.  Colds will be less in length. Strength will increase in the body mentally and physically and emotions will be more in check.  Your body will be on its way to Good Overall Health.   


Physical Practice

Parallel Squat with Hands in Pray

Hold for 1 minute

Forward Fold with Arms Hugging the Legs

Hold for 1 minute

Chair with Active Arm Swings

Swing arms from the side of body to high open 5th position for 16 counts.  Repeat for 2 sets. 

Half Moon at the Wall

Hold up to 3 minutes. Repeat on the other side. 

Child’s Pose to Upward Dog

6-8xs in a flow sequence. 

Locust/Child’s Pose/Downward Dog

3xs in a flow sequence. 

Half Wheel

Hold for 30 seconds for 2 sets.  


Hold for 30 seconds for 2 sets. 

Shoulder Stand

Hold for 30 seconds for 2 sets. 


This blog is written and created by Lindsay Schaefer. For more information on Movement for You, A Way of Life Practice or Artists in Unity please visit the following sites.  and


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