In the World of Yoga Today

 In the World of Yoga Today,                                                                          

There are Festivals to Spread the Word of invigorating Yoga techniques and happenings. 

There is a Loud and Strong Community to Reach Globally On and Off the Mat.

There are many more certifications in the learning of Yoga to meet all peoples needs, wants, and yearnings physically and mentally.

Over abundance of yoga study and teaching has lead to more certifications, more teachers, more disciplines, and commercialization of the Practice of Yoga some may say.   

Yoga has become in a way mass marketed for money and fame some may say. 

The quietness is somewhat gone. 

The personal practice is becoming more about showing publicly verses just doing.

Beautiful bodies are undressing in the presence of their practices to share with yoga communities. 

Yoga becoming more free and in display leaves some feeling as if Yoga is perfect. 

Yoga is not perfect. 

It is a Way of Life. 

You make your Practice. 

Now, Practice Personally. 

I hope for more stillness in the Yoga community of today.  

I hope for less bigness and shouting out through community gatherings. 

We do not want to be a display turning away from the classicism of Yoga. 

Yoga of Today needs to return back to ABC basics and the purity.  

Remember to be pure and real in the Study of this Ancient Practice.

Hit your personal practice every day to be true to yourself and true to others that you may be teaching. 

End the display. 

Work towards the quietness. 

Your practice, your global outreach, your community outreach will become more true, sincere, compassionate, and trustworthy in a time of massive overload if you return back to the feeling you had during your first Yoga class and Personal Practice. 

Remember that Quietness,

Remember even the Awkwardness,

Remember the Release Emotionally and Physically,

Without the Shouting Out!

Focus everyday to connect to the Yoga of Yesterday and Ancient Times.  


I am not saying to stop personal viewing of Yoga Journal or You Tube for inspiration and awareness of where the World of Yoga is going today. 

It is important to view all the information out there about yoga certifications, teachers, and studying yogis in varying communities.  

Take a look at the festivals and attend if your heart is telling you too!

Be appreciative of the Classic Yoga study of Ashtanga, Anusara, Vinyasa, Hot Yoga, Bikram Yoga, and all the other Creative Disciplines that are developing off of the ones just mentioned. 

Take the social media/commercials/and gossip of the World of Yoga Today in for a brief minute.  

But, most importantly take a good look at YOU!

You will make your practice each and every day. 

You will mold your body, mind, and spirit to your own study. 

Appreciate all around you to begin. 

Then let go of it and trust your own heartbeat.  

Create your Yoga pathway in the context of self learning and individual practice first. 

Be still, real, and pure in your pathway of Yoga study and practice.

Your Yoga is an everyday Expression of YOU!

Be Proud of it and Embrace it!


This blog is written and created by Lindsay Schaefer. For more information on Movement for You, A Way of Life Practice or Artists in Unity please visit the following sites.  and








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